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The idea surrounding LTC winner derived from the lottery… being a part of a prize draw where 2 chosen winners take the prize.  Each month 2 lucky winners are chosen at random to take the Litecoin in the total pot.

Our website uses the latest secure SSL licence certificate for the utmost protection. No personal data is shared with other members of the community and you have to be registered in order to play.

All outbound prize payments are shown on the blockchain for maximum transparency so you can see the prize fund payout.

The process of signing up and getting your ticket is simple. Please see our “how it works” page here for more information.

At the end of the competition, the prize funds are sent to the winner users $LTC wallet address as added to their profile. All prize fund transactions are logged and fully visible on the blockchain for transparency with a link for you to see it there.

No. We are a UK based company, however, your geographic location is not an obstacle when joining our competitions. The Litecoin currency has no bearing on physical location. We offer our service to the worldwide Litecoin holding community.

After the month is over and it’s time to draw the winners the prize split will be as follows :

Winner = 79%
Second place = 19% = 2%

We will use an online random generation service such as to generate a winner after all entries are listed there.

Firstly, please make sure you only send Litecoin (LTC) to the wallet.  Transactions usually take 2-3 mins to be confirmed but if it still says pending, you can click the button which says (re-scan blockchain for payment). This will check again. If still, nothing has arrived within 5 minutes please contact us.

Just like the lottery, the more tickets you have the greater chance you have of winning. If you hold more tickets your win change percentage will increase.

We do have server and licence costs to pay, so inevitably we need to make some money to pay these. As such each prize draw we take just 2% of the fund into our holding account to pay for these things.

We sure do. You can find out more about this here

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